Friday, March 21, 2008

What You Should Know About Cell Phones And Your Privacy

Cheating on your significant other? Sharing confidential information you don't want exposed? Have a patent for world peace, AIDS, or world hunger?

In this day and age of new technology, there is no doubt that we are being tracked at every level of our society and that there truly is no such thing as privacy anymore. Our government is allowed to keep tabs on us and know our every move from the clothes we pick out at night to wear to the cereal we eat in the mornings. BUT, did you know that anyone, for as little as $8 can monitor your life through a cell phone? If you are concerned about your privacy and how it could be jeopardized simply by using your cell phone, watch this video:

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Anonymous said...

umm good blog, but how did you hear about this? Do you work for the FBI??