Saturday, February 16, 2008

Pied Piper Still Not Finished Blowing Pipe?

Throughout the past six years, many members of the Black community have had the back of singer, songwriter, child molester, and producer Robert Sylvester Kelly (a.k.a. R. Kelly or the "Pied Piper") despite several allegations and charges of child molestation and pornography. But, when is it safe for members of that community to stop and question when is it enough?

Recent news (yes people, he's at it again) of the R&B crooner has surfaced over a relationship gone sour between he and long-time affiliates George and Regina Daniels because of Kelly's relationship with their daughter, Maxine. George is a Chi-town-based music industry veteran and Regina is Kelly's former publicist, who admitted in November 2007 that she was resigning because a "line had been crossed."

During an interview with Los Angeles radio station KJLH, George spilled the beans on the situation.

"He crossed the line with my daughter," Daniels said. In addition, Daniels said Kelly initially lied when confronted about the relationship.

Although the daughter, Maxine, was 21 years old and a student at Northern Illinois University at the time of the alleged relationship, George said his daughter was "vulnerable" and Kelly still took advantage of her.

The Daniels claim they discovered the relationship between Kelly and their daughter through rumors and finally verification from her.

Spokespeople from Kelly have addressed the rumors and referred to it as "moral outrage," stating that the Daniels knew about and encouraged the relationship between Kelly and their adult daughter.

OK, now maybe the brotha wasn't wrong because Maxine was 21 at the time, BUT why won't the man just play his cards right and have relations with more mature women? He's already up to his neck with charges and...(sighing and rolling my eyes) I guess some people will never learn...

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